FAQ's- Frequently Asked Questions

  • 01 What are the reasons for increase in fake supplements in the market?

    The Profit/Cost ratio of a fake supplement or a tampered grey market supplement is obscenely high. Manufacturing cost= Rs 500, Market price= Rs 3000.

  • 02 What difference does it make if I purchase my supplements from some other dealer or website claiming to be authentic?

    Honestly not much, provided that the purchased product is genuine. But if it's not, you're...

  • 03 Can fake or grey market supplements be fatal?

    Depending on the toxicity of the substances mixed, fake/grey supplements may or may not be fatal. Most common ailments that people have suffered from are food poisoning...

  • 04 Is there any difference in the physical appearance of the powder inside a fake and a genuine product?

    That’s a tough question. There are times when fake supplements look identical to an original.

  • 05 I have already purchased the product and wish to verify its authenticity. How do I check this?

    Starting April 2015, Neulife will be phasing out the legendary strip hologram/MRP sticker, which...

  • 06 How do I know if the products you sell are fresh?

    All products sold by Neulife have the manufacturing and expiration dates clearly...

  • 07 Do your products come with guarantee/warranty details?

    Neulife guarantees 100% customer satisfaction, genuinity, purity, quality, customer support and value for money. All products sold by Neulife are guaranteed original and covered by a 14-day money back guarantee*

  • 08 How do I find out if a particular product is compatible with my medication?

    Step 1- Google the following contra indications for ______ (name of your medication/drug)

  • 09 How are counterfeit supplements really made?

    Counterfeits could contain anything from refined flour (atta) to flavored chocolate powder. While this alone may not be detrimental to health, the issue becomes...